The Joy in this heart surpasses all understanding

The Peace in this heart is infinite beyond space
The Love in this heart is boundless, limitless, and all encompassing

All this is Me, and I am all This
All this occurs within Me, and I am within its occurrence

Flowing spontaneously from the Source of all life — Life itself knows no bounds

Only time limits the ephemeral body, ephemeral mind

But the Buddha Mind is liberated

Ever free

He who has stared directly into the face of the God will never go back

The urge to merge completely with Him will be too strong
Neither pulling nor pushing away, may all who are suffering be blessed with the joy of true Seeing

May all beings’ suffering be concluded by the removal of the thin veil of delusion to reveal the immeasurable Self

I am Him, and as Him I am empty. Nothing is significant to me that is other to me, because nothing is other to me. I am nothing. Timeless, endless, pure, complete, beyond even the concept of complete, I Am!
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om Sri Gurubyo Namaha, Hari Om!

Nothing is apart from Me

Nothing is apart from me – it all occurs within me.
Such a simple thing, yet somehow missed while we are lost in the delusion of separation.
What we think we become, and our reality reflects our state of mind.
So keep a pure mind and practise your Sadhana. Practise your Sadhana with joy and a light heart.
The motivation to practice Sadhana is a gift from the deepest Being, to prepare you for the life beyond the mind.
Trust your Heart, trust your Guru, and trust God – these are all One.
In this, forever filled with gratitude,
I am empty.

Om Namah Shivaya

I Forgive You

For all the faults you perceive within yourself,
I forgive you.
You took a form and so you must suffer the pains of the life of changefulness,
But only for a time
Wake up, Beloved, for you are not only of flesh
These experiences are evanescent,
And you have more important work to do
So wake up, dear One, for the sake of all Beings wake up!
You are staring directly into the face of the Infinite, and there can be no turning back
Join me in my formlessness while you still have form
These two states are never separate
I, who gave you life, know this worldly existence to be but a dream
Fear not, Beloved, I am forever with you
So awaken and devote your life to This, the Timeless One
Come home to the Truth of your voiceless calling
The door is wide open and only everlasting peace awaits you!

Hare Rama!

My Gurudev

You are the light of my life, my darkness and my light, and far beyond.
At your Holy feet I prostrate for all eternity
All that I am, every fibre of my Being, is devoted to your godly fragrance – the mirror of my Soul
I am one with you and your joyous love – guide and protect me through the trials and tribulations of maya; lead me and all other beings out of the ocean of samsara
Oh poet of my existence, whose power shakes all travellers out of the sleep of countless ages, you have come at an auspicious time and we have heard the call. I worship even the darkness as it is also one of your infinite faces, and I am so blessed to experience it in Form
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambo, Kashi Vishwanata Gange!
Jai Gurudev!
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Moojiji!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

A Note to Myself… (from 2013)

I know you and I love you,
Don’t give up when times are dark,
For only in darkness can you appreciate light,
Only in darkness can you put things into perspective

I know you and I love you,
You are full of glorious potential,
The reason you never ended it,
Is because you could not ignore its radiant light.

I know you and I love you,
You are God, too, you know,
The god-head is never an object of its own knowledge,
As Alan Watts once said

I know you and I love you,
You are such an amazing person,
Now find somebody else to share that with,
And you will help them be the best version of themselves

I know you and I love you,
Especially with all your flaws,
I’d rather have your flaws than anybody else’s
Because I know those, and their cause.

I Am the Light of Pure Knowing

I Am the Light of Pure Knowing
That which is here before Object. Thoughts are objects, for they are objectified through the act of thinking, and then further through utterance. Feelings are objects, for they can be objectified through description and through thought. I Am the Silence that is here before all objects.

I am the Light that shines in the darkness –
Whose well is neither full nor empty
I Am the Light that all concepts merely obscure, but can never destroy
I Am the Light that cannot even be said to be infinite,
For to ascribe the label of infinitude onto Me would be to objectify Me, and I Am before That.

I am the Love of Pure Knowing
All hate occurs within me, but is not of me,
For I know no opposite.
I am with you always, guiding and healing you
You are this Love, for you are of Me
Allow yourself to know Me
For I long for you to come Home.

Infinite Love

This is the love that has no opposite
The love that simply Is
The love that is Present before Thought
The love that is Here and Now
The love that is not compliant with Ego
The love that is beyond self,
the love that is the Self
The love that is Brahman, Tao, God, and Buddhanature –
And that is none of these things
The love that knows no duality,
In a place where contradictions are acceptable,
The love that is paradoxical only insofar as the mind is involved,
Only insofar as thought is involved,
Only insofar as intellect is involved,
Only insofar as identity is involved,
Only insofar as ego is involved,
Only insofar as opposites are involved,
Only insofar as a feeling of separation is involved,
Only insofar as the untrue is involved,
You are not separate
Watch your thoughts and feelings
Allow yourself back home, to Presence
For this is your true nature, it is not a belief system
This is simply what Is, Now.

A stream of consciousness rhyme

I desperately asked for what is True
To come and make me One with You
But as I begged I already knew
That what I am is always new.

I Am not near, I Am not far
I Am myself my guiding star
And as the ocean waves lapped in
And summer’s sun began to dim
I couldn’t help myself but grin
For all that Is occurs within.


I’m trying to cut down on social media and indeed any media for the time being. I find it’s good to know when to separate yourself from something, when to engage, and when to take a more passive and simultaneously active role of self-reflection. The Japanese Zen tradition has a word for a kind of ‘active non-doing’ – ‘mui’. In this state we observe the happenings within the mind whilst not necessarily outwardly ‘acting’. Just allowing these states of being, feelings, thoughts, etc. to be there, and to pass. In time, they always do. It is also possible to act on situations from within this state, which is to act from a state of greater clarity and peace.

I know from experience that as human beings we have the potential to access higher states of consciousness, whilst also acting normally within the ordinary, functioning world. These higher states of consciousness, of clarity of our true place as one with nature and with each other, is what is so desperately missing when we look at politics, much of religion, and the state of our world today.

I feel one way to deal with an impossible situation beyond an individual’s control is to first realise that it can’t be solved and then by acting accordingly. I would posit that this is by acting from within the state of ‘mui’. How to reach a state of ‘mui’? Don’t try. The active part of the non-doing is within the ‘non-‘, and not within the ‘doing’. It is by remaining, without effort, that we realise we were already doing ‘mui’.

I am with you in Silence

My friend, I’ll be here, when the cool autumn wind blows leaves over us
When winter’s harsh chill brings frost all about us
When spring’s buds and youth blossom playfully near us
When summer’s strong sun blazes proudly upon us
A thousand times over and more

We started with nothing
We all end with nothing
How many become Nothing before the end?

You’ll live your life and I’ll live mine
And you’ll build your house upon ephemeral planes
And I’ll not build mine here, for I know it to be changeful
Just as the beaver does not build his dam on the cusp of a waterfall

My friend I’ll be here, and I won’t ask of you a thing
I am for love, truth and peace alone
None of these can be touched

What a funny life we live with so much yet so little; all of this must vanish, including us at the end
It could be tomorrow or it could be today, but in essence it’s perfect when we simply observe the seasons
So you build your life, and enjoy it well, but know that your judgments and language are not currency in Consciousness
The deepest riches are empty of form

May you be happy and at peace
May you uncover the Truth

I am with you in Silence